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Below we’ve provided links to relevant web resources and articles for download.

Useful links

Resources from PBSP 2024 National Conference

  • Understanding Albert Pesso’s Concept “The Fruits of Living” - Jim Amundsen, President USPBSPA (Video & Transcript)

  • Somatic Memory Reconsolidation: The Therapeutic Construction of False Positive Memories - Martha Stark, MD (Video & Transcript)

  • PBSP Structures & Apology Work: How to work with the need to experience apologies from hurtful figures and the need to make apologies to those we have hurt - Matt Fried (Workshop Notes & Exercise Protocol

  • PBSP & AEDP, An Attachment/Relational Model of Therapy: Commonalities, Differences and Paths towards Mutual Enrichment - Matt Fried (Video & Presentation with notes)

  • Strengthening the Couple Bond: PBSP Interventions in Couples Therapy - Curt Levang Ph.D. L.P., PBSP Trainer and Supervisor (Transcript)

  • Preparing Clients for Structure - Natalina Slaughter M.A. LPCC and Curt Levang, Ph.D. L.P (Presentation & Accommodation Handout)

Links to articles and other information

Articles and information available for download

Articles from International Conferences


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