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Training and Education Committee

  • Duties and Authority

    The mission of the USPBSPA is to be an educational institution that trains psychotherapists and allied professionals in the theory and practice of Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor.  To that end the Training and Education Committee (TEC) is the primary working committee of the USPBSPA.  The following is a list of its duties and authorities.

1.     The Psychomotor Institute, as the owner of the PBSP trademark, grants this committee of the USPBSPA the authority to certify psychotherapists as PBSP Psychotherapists, Supervisors, 
and Trainers.
2.     This includes defining the curriculum for training and the means and requirements for certification by the USPBSPA.


Members of the TEC shall be certified PBSP Trainers and Supervisors.

There are no term limits for members of the TEC. 

Only certified Trainers can provide training for psychotherapists seeking certification.

Only certified Supervisors and Trainers, as defined by the TEC, can provide required supervision toward the requirements for certification.

Trainers and Supervisors who wish to become members of TEC may make application to the TEC chair. Appeals may be made to the Board of the USPBSPA. 

Trainers and Supervisors become members of the TEC when appointed by the current TEC. 

The Board of the USPBSP may remove members for a) ethical violations or b) demonstrated impairment that prevents them fulfilling the duties of the TEC.

If the TEC deems that there are not enough certified Trainers or Supervisors to carry on the duties of the TEC, the TEC may invite candidates who have the highest level of certification to join the committee.


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