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We hope you are well!  We've had a wonderful start to 2018 so far and thought to share with you some details of the recent USPBSP events that have just taken place.  We're very proud and encouraged by the continued enthusiasm for PBSP and thank all who participated in both the training workshops and the 2nd Annual Conference.

The next upcoming event will be our five-day training experience at Lutsen Resort on the north shores of Lake Superior, on June 4 - 8.  Please don't forget to sign up if you haven't already - there are still places available!  More details below.

Warmest good wishes,

Jim Amundsen

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Completion of Training Program 2017-18

We are thrilled to have recently completed the 2017-18 PBSP training program and congratulate the participants who travelled near and far to attend the workshops in Minneapolis, MN.  Conducted by Jim Amundsen, PhD and Curt Levang, PhD the training began with the 2016-17 program and was designed to run as a three-year cycle.  

Each year the program takes place over three, 3-day sessions, totalling nine days of training per academic year (fall to spring).  The 'round robin' format however means that rather than having a consecutive sequence over the three years, interested participants can join in at anytime and attend until their learning goals are met.  For those of you considering the training program, know that the class of 2017-18 had participants with a range of skills and experience (some only starting training this year whilst others have been in training for three years or more).  

This year, newly certified trainer, Matt Fried, PhD, joined Jim and Curt on the 3rd weekend.  Dates for the 2018-19 training program are posted below.  


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