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Scholarship Information

Thanks to contributions to the USPBSPA, we are pleased to offer an application for scholarships towards training and certification as a PBSP therapist, supervisor and trainer.  

The requirements for application are: 

1. applicants must be certified as a therapist in their discipline (e.g., social work, psychiatry, psychology), or,

2. In an approved educational program to attain such certification in their discipline (e.g., in a graduate program in psychology). 

If you want to be an exception to this requirement, contact Jim Amundsen, President, at, who will then take your request to the Training and Education committee for consideration.

Partial scholarships are also available to defray expenses to apply for certification (application fees and costs to make transcripts of video).

Trainees who are on a track to become certified can also apply for scholarships to defray costs for supervision.

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